Assassin’s Creed Weekly Showcase

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you happen to be. As you have been aware this week we have collaborated with @Falconswift87 of the @ACFirstCiv. We have had 5 themes across the week, including Architecture, Citizens, Wildlife, Assassins and Weapons. Down below you can check out the Showcase created by our and the @ACFirstCiv’s community.
Some amazing VP from some talented artists as per usual. Credits go out to the following: @_LIAMism_, @_StevenAnita_, @_Virtualtourism, @6VAC1, @Amaya_Nocturna, @Birgamerinalbu1, @blue_starfall, @dpruttz_vp, @Falconswift87, @FrameHoldPhotos, @G_Assassin90, @guyinspacesuit, @HenriqueHardro1, @Jakeste66386991, @Milz_VP, @MSTakesPictures, @petta_velan, @Pipounapi, @PodToGo, @RenanVP_Alt, @Rosapexa & @Subject_72.

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