Special Showcase: Ghostwire Tokyo

Last week on March 25th, Ghostwire Tokyo was released, and it came with a photo mode, so, as always, you know what that means! We have ourselves our first Ghostwire Tokyo Showcase! So scroll on down below, click those images to enlarge them, and make sure to follow the talented artists!
Some lovely pieces of artwork have been taken here. Ghostwire Tokyo looks like a beautiful game! Well done to the following artists for their work: @BillyGunn_, @DeathStrandingL, @Eb93Wei, @Gwyn_VP, @IGFrankmaxx, @immenseape, @JohnnySnakehead, @kimchitraveler, @lovers_nero, @Matt_da_Martian, @montblan7, @pino44io, @pip_rossa, @ponKo_2u, @profjpg, @RaffGN7, @Rimaeternax, @shinobi_space, @strobsvr, @wystrach22, @XxPAGZxX & @zNotHermes

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