Strong Women in Video Games: Amicia De Rune

Welcome to our second post dedicated to Strong Women characters in Video Games. This post features Amicia De Rune, the heroine protagonist from A Plague Tale: Innocence which quickly gained a cult following, and is due a sequel this year, titled A Plague Tale: Requiem.
Some magnificant shots of Amicia De Rune in this collection, at VPGamers, we cant wait for the sequel to come! Credit to all of the following artists for their artwork.
@Diego64350036, @FutureIsGame, @ipecarts, @ISAchan_97, @kuanpunchman, @nadim_vp, @nemo76284457, @PhoenixRedVP, @RaveloOMG, @RavenIGVP, @RobRagiel, @Sim_nell, @SindyJ_B, @SuzuhaBlack, @thelonewolf28, @UnderTheIronSky, @WinterFroots & @xCaliburStudios

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