Strong Women in Video Games: Aloy, Part 2

Our Aloy appreciation post was so popular, and you all love her so much, that we have decided to do another Aloy appreciation post! So as usual, check out the art down below, click on them to enlarge, and all artists are credited down below, and on our Twitter account! Also, if you would not like us to share your work, please do let us know and we can sort it out.
We love Aloy as much as everyone else does, and these all look incredible! Credits go to the following artists for their work:
@_CMwalsh, @BT_BlackThunder, @CapturesKH, @Cobalt_han, @Copacolondrios, @Darkspeed14, @DeathStrandingL, @Dominik_VP, @DpDwarf, @fantasyyVP, @Fenyr_0nx, @i3ecci_, @JamesTiddlyQuid, @kichi_mofu, @kitten_theChips, @LoveableVP, @Mariiaa_9o, @meong_nyan, @MindJackedJimmy, @NikkiJaye2, @NoviKaiba23, @QuelBia94, @RaffGN7, @residxnt_evil, @scionjay96, @SethSusuwatari, @shelma32, @ShootingWizard, @thelonewolf28, @TheWorldsOf1, @xaviour09, @XxPAGZxX & @ZeroZ_85

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